August 24th, 2009

Ah, the proverbial downpour intruding on my rainy day

I am leaving Thursday morning for Ohio, and won’t be back until Monday night. I will not have my computer as I am flying, but I’m ok with this. Being back in Ohio for an extended weekend is not a problem.

The problem is that on Thursday Brian received a notice that the Sheriff’s department had tried to serve him some papers.  The only thing we could conclude was that Jen, his ex, was trying to get child support for Ali, their daughter.  Now, please note that we have been trying to get our so-called ducks into a tidy little row so that we can file for custody of Ali.

On Friday he was served the papers and we found out to our slight astonishment and relief that we were mistaken.  Sort of.  Jen’s mother has filed for guardianship of Ali, and the papers were just to alert him of this fact and tell us the hearing for the custody case will be September 3rd.  13 days away.  And of course we got this notice Friday afternoon, with no chance of finding a lawyer over the weekend.  And then I have 3 days here to help find one before leaving for Ohio for 5, and having less than a week upon return before the actual hearing.

So now I’m about to give up almost my entire work week (with the exception of one day, today) to travel, right as we need the money most.  We’re still not caught up with our bills since the move.  And suddenly we need a crib, baby clothes and furniture, and everything one needs to raise a toddler, because when Brian files for custody, they’re going to check the place out and make sure we’re ready to take her.

Oh, and work tonight? I had to call off.  I have a summer cold (awful beast of a virus), and am physically miserable.  I was going to go to work and just ask to be the first cut, but then Brian and I realized that today was our only day to go to court and file an objection, and I would have been late getting to work.  There is no point going in late to turn around and leave early, so I called off and explained what was going on.

Broke.  Custody battle.  Sick.  A week without work.  Someone hand me an umbrella.  :sad:

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