September 29th, 2009

Update from the Design-front

In my last post (in the comments I think) I mentioned that I am currently working on a not-for-profit design project that will be really good for my portfolio. Now that things have calmed down a little, I can do some ‘splaining.

I found the band, Doug Ratner & the Watchmen, via Craigslist. They were looking for a band promoter, and although I have no idea how to do that, I replied to the ad and offered my design services, pro bono. Band promotion is something in which I’m really interested, and I don’t have any of it in my portfolio. I thought this would give me something for that, and some good experience. Of course, “free” is a magic word, and Doug replied saying, “let’s meet up!”

He and I met and talked about some ideas, then the following Monday I went to watch them rehearse and meet the rest of the band. Watching them play was so much fun. Their music is sort of a modernized classic rock, and is really good! Listening to it was very creatively inspirational, and I came up with several sketches and ideas while sitting there, that the guys ended up really liking.

So I started working on a logo, and then Doug called me up and said, “Hey I just found out we have this big gig coming up October 3rd, performing for the Springfield Falcons‘ opening night. Can you have anything ready by then?” Wait, the pro hockey team? Yep. In fact, they might be the signature band for the team. HELL YEAH I can have stuff done in time! So I finished up the logo, and turned it into a sticker design, and a flyer design that I had finished and printed Saturday night, just in time for a last-minute gig that they had that night in Hartford. The guys loved them! Let me demonstrate:

Doug texted me this morning and asked me if I can have the stickers printed by Saturday, so today I’m going to call around and see who can do them, and for how much.

Finally, as I said, I am quitting my job to pursue graphic design full-time.  I have bought the domain, and am working on getting the site up.  It will be some time, because the layout is a bit complicated, but it will be my professional portfolio, and also hub through which I can give estimates and take orders.  I’ll update with more once it’s up!


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