October 2nd, 2010

What I’m loving right now

  • Pioneer Woman’s Welsh Rarebit.  When I first heard about Welsh Rarebit years ago, I thought, “cheese on toast? What’s so special about that??” Then I saw PW’s recipe and thought, “dang…cheese.  On toast.  With beer….” I suddenly had to try it, and I just made it for the 4th time for dinner.  It’s nowhere near as boring as “cheese on toast” sounds.
  • Spinach sautéed in olive oil with minced garlic – it makes my soul sing.  The spinach must be fresh though.  Frozen spinach is sacreliege.
  • Cinnamon rum ice cream – it’s so creamy, and the flavor only gets better as it sits.  Bonus! This recipe makes a lot more than most ice cream recipes, so it’s lasted the two of us a while.
  • The fact that colder weather means I can start making soups on a regular basis again.  HELLO split pea and ham soup! I can’t wait to have you for dinner tomorrow night.  And chili? Welcome to my menu for this week.  Brian has been longing for you to grace his palate again.

Now for the update.  My computer is back up and running, now on Windows 7 (previously XP).  I have access to a card reader again, and have already taken some photos for upcoming posts! Hooray! I’m so excited.  But even more exciting…

I’ve been holding out.  I haven’t mentioned it yet, first because it was hush hush until my family knew, but then because I just got so busy I forgot to actually blog about it.  But…Brian and I are getting married! He proposed to be suddenly and without forethought (he was planning on asking me, but hadn’t decided when or where yet) about a month ago, and of course I said yes.  How could I turn down the man who every day tells me how much he loves my cooking? So we have been busy looking at potential wedding venues this last month, Japanese gardens with nearby accommodations for friends and family, and figuring out the small details of our very small wedding.  It’s exhausting! But so much fun.  Although we’ve not set a definite date, it will be sometime in May 2012.  It seems so far away! But May ’11 is just too close to plan it the way I want (nevermind save up money…weddings are not something you can just throw into the budget with the bills and groceries!).

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, enjoying the last vestiges of truly warm weather, or the beginning of the cooler days.

It makes my soul sing.


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