July 4th, 2011

I’m a terrible blogger

Since I decided to stop writing about my daily life, I find myself unable to write very often.  I’ve also found myself unable to read other peoples’ blogs hardly ever.  There’s just so much going on…so much stress….and at the end of a long work day I just want to get home, eat the dinner my fiancé has made, relax with him, then go to bed exhausted and do it all again the next day.

One month after having set our wedding date, we have had to postpone the wedding indefinitely.  It was a very painful decision but we have a much more important matter right now that will require all our time, energy, and money.  The stress of the last few weeks months has left me too drained to blog very often.  I intend to keep doing it, but not feeling guilty that I haven’t been keeping up like I “should.”  You all know how it is.  Typing words on a website is not a should.  Spending time with my family and dealing with life is.  I just need to let go of my self-criticism and grasp that more fully.

Now that the irksome stuff is out of the way….we’re in Southern California! We’ve been planning this trip for over a year and we’ve finally made it out to The Grump’s homeland to see his family and – most importantly – his children.  Our first day here was yesterday and we did get to see the kids, and it was wonderful.  We’re looking forward to another visit with them sooo much.

We also got to see my brother who is stationed at Camp Pendleton right now, and that was great too.  We went out to lunch at In-N-Out, a place TG has been insisting for pretty much ever that I try.  Well I finally got to and yes, it was better than any fast food in New England! But still not as good as the place we used to frequent when I was a kid in Virginia.  I don’t remember the name of that place but the flavor of their burgers will stay with me forever.

We went to Lucille’s Bar-B-Que for dinner and I got their Louisiana Pasta.  I barely ate any because I was still full from a late lunch that I ate while still full from a late breakfast.  So I finished it, cold, just now for breakfast and it was still so good! I am looking forward to recreating this recipe at home later.

I hope to share some photos and more food experiences with you as the week and trip progress, but we’ll see how much time I have.  I have a life to keep living.  :grin:

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