May 29th, 2012

We Got Married

Hi everyone.  I was doing pretty well there with posting for a little while.  I know I slipped a bit again, but I don’t think you can blame me this time.  You see, The Grump and I finally got married!

It was a very quiet day with no one but The Sprout with us, but it was ours.  There was very little planning for it, but my dad (an ordained minister) officiated, which was nice.  The real celebration was this past weekend when we got to go to Boston and spend two wonderful days with my dad and stepmother.  And this weekend we’re going to see my entire maternal extended family for my cousin’s wedding!

So please forgive the lapse in updates again while I get caught up with this whirlwind around me.  Hopefully I can dig myself out long enough to cook something worth actually photographing and sharing!

Thank you everyone for putting up with my little blog through now.  :love:

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