This is a weblog about my life.  My life, to a great extent, involves food.  Technically everyone’s does, even if the involvement is something along the lines of “I wish I had food.”  For me, fortunately, it’s more of a “what shall I make this week, and how high will my grocery bill be?” involvement.  I make almost everything we eat from scratch (we being my fiancé, Brian, and me).  As such, my life revolves very heavily around food.

I realize that the title of this blog might be misleading.  If you’re my family, then rejoice! This blog is not about sex.  It’s a phrase I came up with because food is my “drug.”  If you are not my family, then I’m sorry, but this blog is not about sex.  Although I fully support the open and honest discussion of sex as I believe it is an important part of ending the negative attitude toward it that is still prevalent in our society.

Music also plays (ha! see what I did there?) an important part in my life, but sadly, this blog does not touch on it as much as I had originally intended.  I haven’t been as focused on music as I used to, mostly because I’ve been too busy cooking.  I’ve been listening to a lot of Train lately, mostly because Brian has been listening to a lot of Train lately, and we share an apartment (if you’re my family, there you have it.  The truth is out! And I’m ok with that. I’m a modern woman and I’m happy with my life).

So there it is.  This site is about my life.  It is mostly about food, but I do in fact throw in some Graphic Design (with the infrequent example of my work) as this is my chosen career path, not cooking.  This is from here on out officially a food blog.  But food is what gives us life and keeps us going.  So this is also more than that.   At least for now.

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