May 29th, 2009

It’s ok, I have waterproof mascara

So….the lack of updates stems from a lack of desire to blog due to stress.  Yesterday, Brian and I set a date for my move to MA.  On July 21, I will leave Ohio for good.

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April 5th, 2009

In brief

Massachusetts week with Brian 2 days in Boston GPS got us lost had lots of *cough* “fun” laughed way too much was spoiled rotten saw my hopeful school (New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University) most supportive, amazing boyfriend ever tearfully came home to immediately start school at OSU (yay! got into the class I need) then packed and moved into new house Saturday (yesterday by my count, 2 days ago by the clock) excitement dampened slightly by plans for upcoming summer move to Boston.

Yep.  That about sums up the last couple weeks.  Now read it in one breath.  :smile:


February 21st, 2009

If it’s not one thing,

it’s another.  Back in December I renewed my hosting with Bluehost, and renewed my domain, but this time transfering it to the registrar through which is registered.  But I never got the emails necessary to complete the transfer, so it didn’t happen.  By the time I realized the problem, had expired, and is impossible to recover until April unless I pay $70 recovery fee.  ARGH! So I have had to fix this blog to point to the subdomain where v-files sits until I can repurchace my domain.  At first I didn’t realize how to do that, and it dawned on me today, so I took a long time to get it back up.

In other news, I’m really working hard on getting things caught up to go to Boston this summer.  Peyton has mentioned moving with me, and so the plan is set for August, and I’m going whether he is or not.  I’ve been looking into apartments and job availabilities there, as well as minimum/living wage, healthcare and financial resources.  Massachusets looks like a good place to live, Boston especially.  I’ve also been trying to pay off my debts and get my bills caught up.  I finally have car insurance, am below my credit limit on my VS card, and will have all my medical bills paid off by the end of April.  :-D

In the kitchen, I’ve been trying to cook a little more, and will hopefully have some more recipes/photos to post soon.  Ohhhh and artwork! I need to renew my DeviantArt subscription and start working on art more.  I’ve actually done a couple things I’ll post in Girl with a Gun.