The Cast

Hi! I’m Valerie, but some of my friends call me V.  Some who’ve known me for years call me Bunny.  So don’t be surprised if people stop by and refer to me as either.

Although I occasionally mention various family members and friends throughout these pages, two people in particular are mentioned frequently:

My fiancé, Brian, to whom I refer as The Grump (TG).  There is a very good reason for this and you will undoubtedly see it in the comments he leaves.  He’s, well, grumpy.  He’s also very playful and teasingly affectionate, so don’t let the crotchety persona fool you.

Also, The Grump’s daughter, Alisson, who likes to cook and bake with me.  I used to call her The Munchkin, but at three-and-a-half, she’s now officially The Sprout.

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